How to Make a Syntax Highlighter on Blogger With CSS

How to Make Syntax Highlighter on Blogger With CSS. Syntax Highlighter itself is a script that can make code colorful.

How to Make a Syntax Highlighter on Blogger With CSS

We usually see these colorful codes on blogs that contain tutorial content or share tips about bloggers in which there are CSS, HTML, JavaScript, jQuery scripts and so on.

This script is used to beautify the appearance of the code line in blog posts. The use of Syntax Highlighter is also intended for readers to easily recognize the type of code provided by the author.

Another effect of using Syntax Highlighter is that visitors will feel more comfortable reading blog content, and for writers or blog admins it will make them more professional in presenting articles on their tutorial blogs.

Syntax Highlighter is also a special feature of a process of transferring certain programming language code with the text, text color, position exactly the same as that contained in a programming language code to be moved or copied into written form others to make it easier to read or learn.

Syntax Highlighter works almost the same way as blockquotes but the difference is for the blockquote feature, the text color is usually only one color, changing the color according to the original code must be done manually. 

So, it can be concluded that Syntax highlighter will be effective in the process of making or transferring it when compared to the blockquote feature.

How to Make a Syntax Highlighter on Blogger

Well, here I will give a tutorial on how to install a syntax highlighter in posts like this blog; here's how to add it.

How to Apply Syntax Highlighter in Blog Posts

#Step1: Create a new post on your blog.

#Step2: To Use Syntax Highlighter in Blog Posts Write flowing Code Below (In HTML Mode ).

<textarea cols="33" oneclick="select()" readonly="" rows="10" style="background-color: black; border-radius: 5px; color: white; font-size: 14px;"> HTML, CSS and JavaScript code here </textarea>


Note: You don't need to write CSS or JavaScript in template

If there are still those who don't understand, please ask in the comments column below.

Hopefully useful and see you in the next post. 

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