How to Remove ?m=1 and ?m=0 Codes on Blog URLs

How to Remove ?m=1 and ?m=0 Codes in Blogger URLs . For those of you who are still using Blogger or blogspot, you must often see the code ?m=1 or ?m=0 behind the blog's address/URL when accessed via a mobile browser device. And that happens while still using the blogspot subdomain or after a custom domain.

How to Remove ?m=1 and ?m=0 Codes on Blog URLs

Then, what is the code ?m=1 and ?m=0? how to remove it? or how to hide it?

What is Code ?m=1 and Code ?m=0?

Actually the code ?m=1 is a sign that the device used to access the blog is a mobile device, while the code ?m=0 is a sign that the device used to access the blog is a desktop device or PC. 

Although in reality there is no code ?m=0 on desktop devices. However, the code ?m=0 will appear when the blog is accessed via a mobile device but is set to a desktop view.

Why does the code ?m=1 and ?m=0 in Blogger URLs need to be removed?

Because suffix codes like ?m=1 or ?m=0 can be Duplicate Title Tags or Duplicate Content. Although some people say that the code becomes Duplicate Content it's not really a problem as long as it's not SPAM. In other words, removing the m=1 code in the Blogspot URL will indirectly improve SEO.

Is that assumption correct? And is it true that this is directly related to SEO?

In my personal opinion, statements like that saying that ?m=1 or ?m=0 code can cause duplicate content on blogs are neither true nor completely false.

The opinion of the Bloggers is just an assumption, which may coincidentally they have a problem when their blog url still has a ?m=1 or ?m=0 suffix code. So they believe that the cause is something like that.

In fact, Bloggers don't pay attention to this and most of the other Bloggers have never had problems like duplicate content caused by ?m=1 or ?m=0 suffixes.

Then, what is the benefit of removing the code ?m=1 or ?m=0 in the blog url?

What are the Benefits of Eliminating ?m=1 and ?m=0 Codes in Blog URLs?

Actually the benefits may not be that important for people who don't really care about suffixing codes like this. But in my opinion, those who like simple and neat things will be important. 

Because the trick or tips to remove the code ?m=1 and ?m=0 in the blog url is to shorten the blog url, especially on blogspot. So by eliminating the code will make the blog url look short and neat.

What does ?m=1 or ?m=0 Code have to do with SEO?

Some say that removing the ?m=1 or ?m=0 code in the blog url can improve the SEO of a blog or site. However, actually such an opinion is not true. Because in fact, removing the code ?m=1 or ?m=0 cannot make the blog or site rank up or down in search engine rankings. 

So, if someone says that removing ?m=1 or ?m=0 code can improve SEO, they are not true. To improve the SEO of your blog or site, that is how to improve the quality of the content you create. Create SEO articles so that they are considered good by Google, so that later they can rank in search engines.

So far, you have understood what the ?m=1 and ?m=0 codes are, why do ?m=1 or ?m=0 codes need to be removed, what are the benefits, and how do they relate to SEO.

Well, if you understand, let's move on to the main point of this discussion. Here's the tutorial.

How to Remove ?m=1 and ?m=0 Codes in Blog URL

#Step1: Open the Blogger dashboard .

#Step2: Go to Themes , then click Edit HTML .

Add JavaScript Above </body> Tag

Finally, click Save . And see the changes.

That's the tutorial How to Remove ?m=1 and ?m=0 Codes on Blog URLs . Hopefully useful and see you in the next post. 

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