How to add a preloader to WordPress

How to add a preloader to WordPress. What is a preloader? Website speed plays an important role in the success of your business, especially when it...

Website speed plays an important role in the success of your business, especially when it comes to appearing in search results. 

What is a preloader?
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This is due to the fact that search engines rate your site higher when it is easier for them to navigate. When your site takes more than a few seconds to load, the extra time can seriously affect your rankings. If your site doesn't offer good load times, search engines push you straight to the end of the line.

In addition, your visitors will be frustrated by the longer-than-average load times, leading to a poor user experience. Today, many people surf the web on cellular or slow connections, and many more don't like waiting. 

Thus, a slow website will redirect your target market to competitors who will better meet your expectations.

Slow website speed is a problem that websites should address and fix, regardless of their size. A quality web design company will always take this into account. That said, the more complex your website, the harder it is to optimize. 

Every element you implement can add up and keeping things under control can be an uphill task. 

Including items that require less memory, such as large images or videos, can help. But it's not a solution for everything. Ultimately, the bigger your site, the more swelling you'll see. The best website designs are the ones that use all these little tricks to maximize your presence.

However, website design companies can use a variety of enhancements to help keep their visitors' attention while their site loads. If you don't know where to start, one option is to add a loading screen animation before tackling the more difficult issues. 

These animations, also called preloaders, are used by many large companies and are a great way to make it look like your site is loading at high speed.

Preloaders keep your visitors interested while your site loads and make you look like a pro at the same time. Even if your site loads normally, having a preloader helps your site stand out. It doesn't add much preloader and we plan to configure it with everything you need. 

There are a few key steps to keep in mind, but we'll walk you through the entire process so you can easily implement preloader animations for your WordPress site.

What is a preloader?

A preloader — or what some call a loading screen — is the what you see on some sites before the main content of the web page is loaded. Their main purpose is to entertain site visitors while the actual content of the page is still loading in the background.

If your page has a lot of content then you will really benefit from having a preloader for your website. 

Infinite scrolling pages will probably see this problem, along with any website that has more than a few basic pages. In addition, every script query, plugin query, and database query will be combined to increase their load time. 

When this becomes a problem, many websites add a preloader instead of taking the time to reduce the page size. There are also many situations where a website will never be able to load quickly for most users. This is tied to your WordPress SEO and can really cause problems.

In its most basic form, a preloader is an image or animation that is displayed on the screen when a website is loading in the background. When the site is fully loaded and ready to be displayed, the preload animation ends and the visitor displays your page. Watching the page load, element by element, is a pain. 

It's also confusing for people to see a blank screen, not knowing if their page is loading. Preloader is a unique loading screen that keeps visitors entertained while your server is working on processing their content.

Many preloaders are branded with a company logo or short animation, just like any other loading screen. A large number of web design companies ignore them, but the preloader is a very important part of the interface of your website. 

After all, a well-placed preloader assures your visitors that the site hasn't been blocked; your browser is just busy processing data. In most cases, one loading screen is the difference between letting your viewers stay on your website or looking elsewhere without a second thought.

Loading screen animations can be tricky, but even the simplest animations can be beneficial to viewers. This is important because animations on the loading screen enhance the user experience and are impressive to boot. Preloaders, especially the animated ones, look good and offer a solid first impression. 

Effective use of loading screen animations allows you to capture the attention of your visitors and attract them. A successful preloader should also be frustrating and show something of value that is relevant to your business. It goes without saying that managing visitor expectations by giving them an idea of ​​what to expect will keep them engaged longer.

Why should I use preloader animations?

The bottom line is that no one likes to wait for this day and every second makes a difference. However, at times, we have no control over how our website works. Things like slow internet connections, data overload, and server outages can slow down even the best websites. 

While we can analyze websites and optimize areas that need improvement, we can't always predict the various reasons why websites may load slowly, that's where animations on loading screens come in.

It's important to remember that the animation on the loading screen is not something that can be dragged. They are only used if there is a charge delay. Preloading looks a bit like insurance. They exist to reduce user frustration by keeping them busy if they have to wait.

Loading screens also uses some of the important principles taught in psychology. Creative loading screen animations grab users' attention and can even help improve their mood. Preloaders have been shown to lead people to believe their wait times are shorter than they really are, making them stay longer.

In addition, companies can use this animation to emphasize their brand through logos or other features. It is worth mentioning that this screen should avoid direct selling. Instead of providing a tone or call to action, the preloader should use overall branding to form a stronger connection. Your logo, for example, accomplishes this goal quite well.

Customizable preloader

Thankfully, the days of boring rotary loaders and boring progress bars are over. This is because companies now have the option to create unique loading screens, targeting the right target audience. Custom web design options give your business a chance to really shine and add an extra level of professionalism.

If you think the preloader is too complex or too technical to implement properly, then you'll be happy to know that it's easier to build than you think. 

Anyone can build professional and custom preloaders, and there are plenty of options available to remove heavy loads from the equation. Nowadays, you don't even need any technical knowledge. A solid web design agency still achieves the best website design to help you get the most out of your site, but the preloader is also easy for beginners to add.

Websites that have shorter load times will display their preloaders only for a short period of time. Longer times, on the other hand, leave a little more room to be creative. Shorter load times just require a simple icon, logo or image, but if your website takes longer, we recommend adding a little extra flavor. 

When you get your branded content in front of an audience and make it look good, it will stay on your mind longer. A catchy style also helps make the memory more meaningful, increasing the chances of making a lasting impression.

The best WordPress preloaders

Best loading preview

Before choosing how to implement a preloader for your website, you should consider the available options. When it comes to WordPress, there are many options and making the right choice can be tricky. To make sure you don't feel overwhelmed, we've compiled a list of some of the best WordPress preloader plugins.

1. Alobaidi Preloader (Free)

This plugin is easy to integrate and suitable for various browsers and customization options. It offers 10 options to display, has an excellent response time and gets to work right away without any problems.

2. PageLoader: loading screen and pro progress bar

Next up is the Bonfire Theme PageLoader. This powerful preloader includes many options to build a custom charger for your site. Add progress bars, custom images, icons, loading text, backgrounds, secondary indicators (like loading bullets next to custom images) and more. Also, there is a unique timeout feature if things take too long.

3. Ultimate WordPress Preloader (Free)

The latest WordPress preloader offers all the basics in one convenient and easy-to-use package. This gives your viewers a basic visual experience when your content loads, but it compensates for this limitation in other ways. If you want something easy to use, WordPress Preloader Ultimate has you covered and requires no prior coding knowledge.

4. LoftLoader Pro

With LoftLoader Pro you can quickly and easily design a custom preloader for your website. Add custom images, page transitions, load animations, progress bars, full image backgrounds, and more. There's even an option to include random messages as you age.

5. Unlimited WordPress Preloaders

WPPU is another premium option for creating a preloader for your WordPress site. Choose from the included gifs or upload your own, choose your animation, add text, or use elegant CSS3. But that's not all: there are tons of other features including phone settings, hidden time, page selection, disabling search pages and more.

Power of preloaders

Preloaders not only look great, they play a very functional role in the operation of your website. Long charging times can be a problem, but it doesn't have to be the deciding factor. With preloaders deployed where you need them, you can reduce lost sales due to poor connections. They can even help you form more meaningful connections with your users.

Even if your site doesn't need a preloader, it can be a good practice to include them and your customers will appreciate it. An added bonus is that an efficient and stimulating user experience will drive engagement. At the very least, the preloader will result in fewer missed opportunities due to loading issues and will make your website look and feel more professional.

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