How to Install AdSense In-feed Ads on Blogger

In-feed ads are a type of ad embedded in a Blogger front page article feed or list. This ad unit will adjust the size and shape to the blog theme.

How to Install AdSense In-feed Ads on Blogger

When visitors scroll through the blog homepage , they will also see ads among the list of articles.

This article will cover how to set up AdSense In-feed in your Blogger blog feed .

Advantages of Installing AdSense In-feed Ad Units

  • Installing AdSense In-feed ad units on your blog will give you the following benefits:
  • It is more user friendly because it looks the same and blends with the blog theme.
  • The unique placement of ads between articles on the main page makes them attractive to visitors thereby increasing the potential for clicks.
  • It is ideal for mobile viewing as it maximizes space on smaller screens.
  • It is more flexible to edit than ordinary ad types so that it looks like it fits the blog layout .
  • Using high-quality advertising elements so that the visual appearance is better.

Setting up AdSense In-feed Ads

Blogger itself has actually added an AdSense-linked Earnings feature. However, this feature is not always automatically activated.

We take advantage of this feature which should be manageable in the Layout menu . This guide will "forcefully" enable this In-feed ad setting feature by changing the code directly on the blog theme. 

Steps to set up an AdSense In-feed unit

#Step 1: Create In-feed native ads from your AdSense account. This can be done by selecting:

  • My Ads
  • New Ad Unit
  • Native In-feed Ad
  • Choose a layout accordingly.

After generating the code for the In-feed ad unit, copy the ad code and paste it into ColorNotepad.

Note : You can also use responsive ad units, here we also use responsive ad units for in-feed ads.

#Step2 : Now parse the AdSense code that you just got.

#Step3 : Go to your Blogger Dashboard >Themes . And Select Edit HTML .

#Step4 : Find the code showinlineads , then change the value of ' showinlineads ' to ' true ', next find the code postsPerAd and change the value of ' ' to ' 4 '.

Note : The postsPerAd value will be used as a reference in the order in which your ad appears after a certain number of articles.


Before editing your theme code, it should look like:

After making changes to your theme code

#Step5 : Now find the <data:adcode/> or <data:this.adCode/> tag and replace it with your Adsense parsed code .

Save the theme, and you've got ads in between your Blogger blog feeds .

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